Sparks Club

The Sparks Club at South Park FC

SOUTH PARK F.C. are are delighted to announce FOUNDED 1897 the launch of the

Join the Sparks Club today – this is a great way to support the development of your local club and give yourself a chance to WIN fantastic cash prizes in our monthly draw.

An outlay of £5, £10, £15 or £20 per month will secure your entry into the monthly draw with a chance to win a share of the prizes – one entry is £5 and the more monthly entries the greater your chance of winning in the monthly prize draw. The monthly amount will be payable by standing order from your bank account, this will help to assist us in the administration of the Sparks Club and to ensure there are no doubts as to who has paid. You will then be given a membership number which will be the same for each draw – a list of members will be displayed on the Club Notice Board, together with a breakdown of the monthly prize draw distribution.

The results of each draw will be posted on the Club Notice board. The results will also be notified on and be published in the Club Match day Programme.

Member’s change of circumstances
Please complete a change of details form which can be collected from the club if you want to update your membership details.


Number 40 – Steve Robb £90.00

Number 36  – Joe McElligot £60

If you haven’t already joined the 200 Club, get your application form from Leanne behind the bar, see your Manager or a committee member. There are also forms around the club.

As more people join the prize money will increase

SUPPORT YOUR CLUB, and get your numbers now!!!

NEXT DRAW 26th August 2022


Rules of the Club

  1. The official name will be 'South Park Football Club ~ Sparks Club'.
  2. A separate Bank account will be kept at Nat West, Reigate. Two signatures will be required to operate the account at the discretion of the Committee.
  3. A monthly amount of £5, £10, £15 or £20 will be payable on the 1st or 15th of each month as membership to the 'Sparks Club'. This will be payable by standing order only.
  4. The draw will take place on the last Friday of the month at the Clubhouse between 7pm and 9pm, unless otherwise duly notified.
  5. Following the deduction of any expenses which we expect to be minimal, 50% of all monies received will go towards the development of South Park Football Club, at the discretion of the Committee. The remaining 50% will be distributed as winning prizes.
  6. These monthly prizes will always be paid by cheque and will be available for payout immediately after the monthly draw at The Clubhouse.
  7. Membership will be from individuals only. Each family member must pay a separate amount.
  8. If the monthly subscription has not been received in any month you will not be eligible for the draw that month.
  9. The Rules of the 'Sparks Club' may be changed by the Committee on a majority vote and minuted at the respective meeting. Any changes will be published on the Club Notice board.

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